21 August 2018

Dreamweaver tutorials

Intensive one to one Dreamweaver tutorials.

Take control of your web site!

Includes the skills you need to update your existing site or to create a new site from scratch:

First stage

You can start at any point on the steps below. If you have an existing site it would be useful if you would obtain your .ftp login details and password in advance. If you don't yet have a web site online you may like to start from step one.

1. Installation of Dreamweaver on your machine

2. Set up of file structure on your computer to save your 'local' files in. (Mac or PC)

3. Connect your Dreamweaver on your machine to live hosting space on a remote server using Dreamweaver .ftp. Setup to connect with the structure on your machine - explain 'local files' (as 2.)

4. Basic introduction to .ftp protocol - uploading files from your computer to hosting space and viewing in a web browser - explain the difference between 'local files' and 'remote files'

5. Preparing text and images (Photoshop and Fireworks) for the World Wide Web. When to use .jpg and when to use .gif and saving to their allocated space (image folder) as set up in your computer (as 2.)

6. Set up folders to hold you web site content ie www.yourname.co.uk/aboutus and explain folder name protocol.

7. Basic introduction to Dreamweaver page content in 'view mode' and 'code mode' introduction to .html and hypertext links both within text and between web sites.

8. Basic introduction to CSS style sheets and changing styles through your site using one page of CSS style sheet code.

9. Basic introduction to .php server side includes to create page navigation in one up-dateable page file that works across your site

10. Introduction to web safe colours and web site type fonts.

To complete the above - estimated time = four or five hours

Second stage

Create a web site using your material (text, pictures, logos) and a pre-designed set of CSS styles sheets.

11. Create all sub folders and index pages explained in step 6.

12. Explain folder naming protocol and Google's search requirements.

13. Link folder index pages together to create both the side and bottom navigation pages.

14. Write meta tags for Googlebot to read - explain why title tags and image 'alt' tags are important.

15. Show how the tags describe your site contents in the search engine and test them online.

16. Create the all important 'links' page and discuss use of a site index.

Finally do whatever is required for you get you a fully functioning, live and editable, web site online. Leaving you with all of your content online, or at the very least, enough knowledge and confidence for you to add further content and make alterations and amendments to your web site in the future.

To complete the above - estimated time = depends on the amount of content

Dreamweaver is the industry standard WISWIG web site creation software. It is easy to use once you get started and very powerful. The more you use it the more in can do for you - so you can take control.

All of the steps above with be explained on a one to one basis and you will be doing the typing and learning the 'control shift u' Dreamweaver keyboard shortcuts.

One to one intensive Dreamweaver tuition is offered by Patrick Laslett.

Patrick Laslett is a graphic designer who has worked in all parts of the design and advertising industry during the last forty years from the smallest of 'one man and his dog' design groups to the largest of advertising agencies (JWT) and many in between. He has owned and run his own design group and advertising agency. He put his first web pages online in 1995 before Dreamweaver was available and has been using Dreamweaver since buying version one. Dreamweaver is currently on version eight and is now owned by Adobe.

Dreamweaver tutition and courses in Norwich and Norfolk UK

Patrick Laslett lives in Norwich and works as a freelance designer and web consultant and charges a flat rate of £30 an hour for his time (plus travel expenses when away from home).


By email patrick@laslett.com

By phone (office hours) 010603 440605

If you are looking for a more advanced Dreamweaver course then please email me for further details.